Daily Routine

First impressions last. Upon arrival to your first shift, its vital that you make a good impression.

On your first day at the client, a Mentor may come out to visit you. The mentors role is to make sure you are fully oriented on the Plan of Care. Use the opportunity and any task you are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable doing, ask the mentor to show you the proper technique. Shall you need further training on a task, reach out to your HR specialist so she can arrange it.

  • Arrive early! Early bird gets the worm. You are expected to arrive on time. Being 5 minutes late is already considered late.
    • If your client does not answer the door, do not assume they are not home. Your client may have fallen and cannot get up. Stay there, call the assigned Client Service Coordinator, but do not leave until the Client service coordinator has authorized for you to leave.
  • Introduce yourself to the client upon arrival
  • Clock in as soon as you arrive to the clients home. Your Paycheck depends on it. See the full clock in manual for further guidance on clock in.
  • Plan of care tasks must be followed. When providing services to a patient, an RN created this plan of care and it was signed by the patients Doctor. You are required to provide the services as described on the plan of care.
  • Clock out. Upon completion of the shift clock out. Your paycheck depends on it. See the full clock out manual for further guidance on clock out.

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