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CareSphere is committed to the safety and well-being of all its clients. Observing, screening and reporting is essential.

Abuse and Neglect

The following operation definitions are used to assist in determining if clients are victims of abuse or neglect:

  • Child Abuse - The physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment of a child, it may be overt or covert
  • Child Neglect - The failure by parents or guardians to provide for the basic needs of a child by physical or emotional deprivation that interferes with normal growth and development or that places the child in jeopardy
  • Elder Abuse - Non-accidental acts of physical or mental mistreatment (including that of a sexual nature) of an elderly or vulnerable adult
  • Elder Neglect - A pattern of conduct or inaction by a person entrusted with caring for an elderly or vulnerable adult that results in deprivation of care necessary to maintain that person’s physical or mental health

As part of the initial and ongoing client assessments, the Registered Nurse observes for signs of abuse and neglect. Employees are encouraged to report observable changes in family dynamics, changes in client status and any bruising or injury the client sustains. The client’s support system is identified at time of admission and encouraged to discuss concerns related to the client. Identification and use of community resources is also discussed to help individuals in the client’s support system in coping with caring for an ill or elderly person.

If there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect, Please contact the client's Client Service Coordinator for further guidance.

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