Accepting a new Client

Did you find a case on the open case list which fits your availability? That is great! Simply fill out the form.

1) a Case Coordinator will reach out to you on the phone before the end of the business day.

On the phone call the Coordinator will discuss the following:

A. Patients age and gender
B. Diagnosis/Condition of the Patient and
C. Plan of care tasks and patient needs.

Ensure You have all required information you may need before agreeing to this case.

2) A Case Assignment Contract is sent to your email for review

When you verbally accept a case, a Case Assignment Contract is then sent to your email. The Contract will include

A. The name and address of the patient
B. The hourly pay rate for each shift
C. The exact schedule of the case
D. The date of the first date you are scheduled to work this case
E. The name and direct extension of the coordinator for this case.
F. The full patient careplan
G. Specific rules relating to this case which you are expected to follow.

3) The Case Assignment Contract is signed by the Caregiver

When you have carefully reviewed all details on the contract, you must then sign and submit your signature on the contract. We make this fairly easy for you. There is no need to print the form. Simply sign the form on your phone/computer and press submit. It will then be sent back to the coordinator with your signature.

  • Do not sign the form if you still have questions about the case or you do not agree to something on the contract.

4)You have accepted the case and are ready to report to work

When CareSphere receives the signed contract it becomes final you will then be added to the patient's schedule. Be sure to hold onto the contract so you have the patient information and plan of care handy. Review the case assignment policies for more information while working with the patient.

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