Type of Shifts

This is an outline of the type of cases CareSphere has and what to take into consideration when accepting a case.

When working with CareSphere, you will be working in the Client's home. This is their personal and private space. You can not make the client change in any way so be ready. It is your responsibility to ensure you are comfortable with the case before accepting it. So if you are not OK with anything, it is your responsibility  to inquire about that before accepting the case.

  • Geriatric - Clients aged 65+.
  • Pediatric  - Clients under the age of 21.
  • Bed bound - These clients are immobile. The client cannot move around on their own. They may need full bed baths, diaper changes etc.
  • Smokers - The client is a smoker or their may be someone else in the home smoking.
  • Hoarder - The home may not be very clean and items may be dumped all over the house.
  • Cats - If you are allergic to cats inquire if there is a cat in the home in advance.
  • Dogs - if you are allergic to dogs inquire if there is a dog in the home in advance.
  • Hoyer lift - These are usually used for immobile clients. We can provide Hoyer lift training if you haven't used it before but let us know in advance.
  • Rude - Due to diseases, pain, old age or other circumstances some clients may come across as rude. know that they don't mean it and you are there to help.

Keep in mind, every client is different. Know that you are there to do a job.

Client Service Coordinators
      Every client is assigned to a different coordinator within CareSphere. When accepting a new client, make sure to note who the coordinator for that client is so you can reach out to her with questions or concerns about the client.

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