2. Clock in/out with Telephony System

When the mobile app malfunctions or if the aide doesn’t have access to the mobile app, another form of clocking in which has a 99% success rate is the telephony system.

  1. Using any phone belonging to the patient (not a patient's family member) dial 866-471-0290
  2. "welcome to HHAeXchange. Press 1 to call in , press 2 to call out"
    • If you are calling in, press 1.
    • If you are calling out, press 2.
  3. "Enter your assignment ID " > enter your assignment ID number
    • This number is found on the bottom of your ID badge.
  4. The system will repeat the assignment id, press to confirm or re-enter your clock in. once confirmed your call in is complete.

*For clock out, there will be an additional step . The system will prompt you to enter the plan of care duties. Enter the duty numbers found on the plan of care

  • Below is a list of all possible duty Id's. If you don’t have the plan of care handy, call the coordinator to text you a picture of it
101 Hair Care – Shampoo 102 Hair Care-Comb 105 Bath-Tub
106 Bath-Bed 107 Bath-Shower 110 Grooming-Nails
111 Grooming-Shave 115 Toileting-Toilet 116 Toileting-Diaper
117 Toileting-Commode 118 Toileting-Bedpan/Urinal 119 Catheter Care
120 Record Output (Urine/BM) 121 Empty foley bag 122 Dressing
123 Ostomy care 125 Transfer 130 Wound Care
131 Lotion/Ointment 132 Skin Care 133 Foot Care
134 Mouth Care/Denture Care 150 Transportation 151 Shopping/Errands
152 Accompany Patient to medical appointment 153 Managing Finances 154 Laundry
155 Medication Reminders 156 Make bed, Change bed linen 157 Light Housekeeping
158 Reading/Writing 159 Clean Patient Care Equipment 160 Kitchen/Dishes
200 Prepare-Breakfast 201 Prepare-Lunch 202 Prepare-Dinner
203 Prepare-Snack 204 G-Tube Feeding 205 Record intake – Food
206 Record intake – Fluid 229 Assist with walking 231 Assist with home exercise program
232 Range of Motion Exercises 233 Turning and positioning 235 Take Temperature
236 Take Pulse 237 Take Blood Pressure 238 Weigh Patient
300 Walk Dog 301 Clean Cat Litterbox 303 Feed Cat or Dog

Once all completed duties were entered, enter 000. this will confirm the call.

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