Clock in Excuses


The should be no excuses of why a clock in or out wasn't received. Below is a few common excuses and how it can be avoided.

Excuse: "I forgot to clock in/out"
Avoidable: Keeping in mind that if you don't clock in you will not get paid, this must be a habit. You don't start your day without clocking in. If you did forget, then it sends us a message that not too much thought was given while tending to the patient and the patient may have received below average care that day.

Excuse: "My app wasn't working"
Avoidable: This is a common issue. The Mobile app relies on outside technology not provided for by CareSphere. Over the years we have come to the understanding that while it is a convenient way of clocking in and out, it does glitch 40% of the time. Therefore we have implemented a telephony system too. If your app doesn't work, clock in using the telephony system instead.

Excuse: "My app password wasn't working" or " I forgot my password"
Avoidable: This is not an excuse for not clocking in/out. If you are having trouble with the app, call your HR Specialist immediately to get it resolved. If you cannot get it resolved right away, use the telephony system to clock in until its resolved.

Excuse: "I got busy with my patient as soon as I walked thru the door"
Avoidable: all clients are aware that the caregivers need to clock in at the start of the shift. Clocking in takes 20 seconds. Kindly explain to the client that you must clock in and then start your day. If this tends to be an issue with a specific client, clock in with the mobile app before you knock on the door.

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