Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Policy

The 21st Century CURES Act requires Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems for Medicaid-funded personal care services (PCS) and home health care services. CareSphere requires ALL Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses to utilize EVV to confirm the patient was serviced.

EVV, also known as clocking in and out, can be easily done in 2 different ways:

  1. By using a mobile app on the caregivers phone
  2. By using the telephony system

Employees paychecks are determined based upon your EVV (clock in and clock out).

All caregivers receive a thorough training on EVV during orientation and clear written instructions are sent along with the employee welcome packet.

If a caregiver fails to use EVV to clock in and out they will be disciplined.

There are No Excuses for not clocking in. Find a list on how to avoid common issues here.

EVV Discipline Process

Offense #1 = Discussion/Training

  • The first time you fail to clock in or out, an HR Specialist will reach out to you to discuss it. You will again receive a full training on EVV so we are sure you are clear with the EVV process

Offense #2 = Written Warning

  • If after you were provided with training and still fail to clock in/out using EVV, the HR Specialist will reach out to you to figure out a way to avoid a manual punch in the future. At this time, a written warning will be given to you which you will be required to acknowledge. We provide you with a synopsis of the conversation between you and the HR Specialist to ensure that you and the HR Specialist are clear what exactly is expected of you.

Offense #3 = Final Warning

  • IF after you received a written warning you still failed to clock in/out using EVV we are forced to then put you on a final warning. You will be placed on a 28 day probationary period. If during the 28 days you fail to clock in/out using EVV you will be automatically terminated.


  • We work hard on resolving all issues and training you on the needed steps to use EVV. You must understand that EVV is mandatory as per regulation and therefore we take it very seriously. If you fail your 28 day probationary period, you will be terminated.

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