EVV Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if i forget to clock in?

If you fail to clock in, clock in as soon as you remember. You will be paid from the time you clocked in. To avoid this, set an alarm on you phone

What happens if I forget to clock out?

EVV must be received. if you forget to clock out you we will follow our EVV policy on discipline. to avoid this, set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget.

I clock in and out but my HR Specialist told me it didn't go thru. Why?

When clocking in and out it is your responsiblity that the clock in/out went thru successfully. you can verify it as follows

  • Mobile app: After you punch, log out and then back in right away. you should see your clock in marked in green
  • Telephony system: You must hear the words "your call has been successfully registered" before hanging up.

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