EVV Monthly Incentive program

EVV is mandatory and not an option. But for those that follow the rules, we have an incentive program to thank them.

Caregivers which have 100% EVV compliance per calendar will receive a bonus at the end of the month!


  • You must have worked a minimum of 15 shifts for that specific month
  • 100% of clock ins must have been received via EVV
  • You must show up to every shift you are assigned to in that month. if you didn't let us know you will be out (even if you let the patient know) or you called out after the shift was already scheduled to start you would not be eligible for this bonus.

Bonus pay

  • The calculation of who is eligible for the bonus pay will be made on the 1st day of the next month. The pay will be added on the pay cycle which is the 4th-10th of the month
    • If the 1st falls on a weekend or day off, it will be done the next day.
  • The first month you reach the 100% compliance milestone and are eligible for the bonus pay, You will receive $50. Every month thereafter, an additional $5 will be given.
    • Ex: in january you will get $50, February you then get $55, March you will get $60 etc.

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