Daily Pay "NEW"

CareSphere introduces DAILYPAY!

Work today, get paid today!

Note: this is a opt in program only. If you wish to use your funds earned daily, you must sign up for it on DailyPay.

  • Signing up: Aides which want to join DailyPay should simply download the DailyPay App and click to create an account.
  • They can sign up using their email they provided us at the start of employment or their employee ID (just the numbers, not AZT)
  • New hires will be able to create daily pay accounts 24 hours after orientation
  • Earning funds: Aides that work a shift will have their funds available 24 hours after the shift ends.
  • For shifts that ended before 1pm, the funds will be available by 3pm
  • For shifts that ended before 6pm, funds will be available by 8pm
  • Aides that finish a shift after 6pm will have the funds available the next day at 3pm.
  • Daily pay only gets the shifts which are ready for payroll. That means that visit on prebilling, (Aides which need timesheets or progress notes or an auth is missing for a visit) the funds will not be available until after prebilling is cleared
  • Using the funds:
  • 70% of the money they earn, will be immediately available to them (20% gets held back so we can figure out the taxes at the end of the week).
  • Aides can transfer money to their account at anytime. For Instant transfers there will * * On pay date (Friday) we will make a calculation of their net earnings (earnings after tax) then deduct the money they already took out during the week and automatically send the remainder to their bank account on file with dailypay.

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