How to view your paystubs

Payroll stubs itemize deductions made from gross earlings. By law, CareSphere is required to make deductions for Social Security, Federal income tax and any other appropriate taxes. These required deductions may include any court-ordered garnishments

All paystubs are available to view on the Paylocity App.

Your Paystubs are available on the Pay Date, Friday. To find your paystub follow the below steps:

  1. Log into Paylocity with your credentials.
  2. On the menu, navigate to the PAY tab. If you are viewing the stub on the computer, it will be available on the dashboard.
    paylocity navbarpaylocity paystubs

  3. Click on the paycheck you wish to view to view your stub.

    Paystubs will not be mailed to you.

See below step by step on how to read a paystub:

paylocity paystub

  1. Employee Information - Employer name and address information
  2. Check Date - The date your check can be cashed or when you should expect direct deposit
  3. Demographic Information - Employee name and address information
  4. Net Pay - Also known as take-home pay, income after necessary taxes and deductions have been withheld; may include direct deposit bank account information
  5. Allowances and Exemptions - Personal exemptions reduce the employee’s taxable income on Form 1040. When entered into the payroll system, they reduce the same amount of wages from income tax withholding and approximate the employee’s tax liability and the end of the year
  6. Earnings - Gross pay before taxes and deductions; contains hour, wage, and salary information for current pay period
  7. Deductions - Amount that is or may be subtracted from an employee’s paycheck; can be taken pre-tax or post-tax depending on the type of deduction. Also includes voluntary and involuntary deductions (e.g. child support)
  8. Taxes - Withholding amounts for each applicable tax authority. Federal taxes are paid to the IRS; FICA funds both Medicare and Social Security; state and local taxes paid to the city/state where you live, if applicable
  9. Direct Deposit and Account Type - Bank account information and amounts deposited, if applicable

Paystub Printouts

You can easily get a printout of your paystub on your own by following these steps:

  • Paylocity Website: Click on the paystub you wish to print and click on download paystub. Once its downloaded to your computer you can easily print it or attach it to an email.
  • Mobile App: Click the paystub you wish to print and click on the Envelope Icon found on the top right corner. The system will then prompt you to enter an email. this will send an email of your paystub to whomever you chooose.


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