How to view your W-2

All Year end W-2s are avaialble to view and print on Paylocity (company ID is 119808)

  1. Select Pay.
  2. Select Tax Forms.
  3. Enable the box(es) next to the applicable year(s) to select which W-2 form(s) to e-mail.
    • Once one W-2 box is active, the Select All option is available to select any listed W-2 forms to e-mail.
    • Select Deselect All to remove checks from any of the boxes. w-2
  4. Select the envelope icon.
  5. Enter a password when the W-2 PDF Password prompt displays. The format must be:
    • Alpha-numeric only (no special characters such as #, $, @).
    • Upper and lower case letters.
    • The recipient of the email with the form attached must enter this password to open the form.
  6. Confirm password.
  7. Select Next. The Email message displays.
  8. Enter the applicable recipient(s) in the To and/or CC fields. The subject field and body of the e-mail cannot be edited.

email w-2
9. Select Send. A notification displays confirming that the system has sent the e-mail.
10. Select OK.

ok button

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