Viewing your Case Assignments

As soon as a case is assigned to you it will show up on your HHAeXchange mobile app on the Visits tab


You will be able to see your assigned schedule for the next 7 days.

A visit which is scheduled on your app is assigned to you. If you believe you are assigned a shift which you did not accept, or you accepted a shift and it doesn’t show you your Visits tab, please contact the Client Service Coordinator of that shift as soon as possible to fix the error.

Once assigned a case you must ensure the following as soon as possible so you are prepared for your shift:

  1. Review and familiarize yourself with the Plan of Care for that patient. If you have any questions regarding the plan of care, or you cannot see it, call the Client Service Coordinator Immediately. Do not wait for the last minute.
    • If you cannot see the Plan of Care on the app, call us right away.
  2. Map the exact distance of the patient house to your starting point to know what time you will need to leave your home to get there on time.
  3. Ensure you have your company ID Badge. You must wear your ID badge at all times while on duty.
  4. Ensure you have a babysitter for your kids and no appointments are scheduled during the scheduled working hours. You will not be able to go out for any lunch break.

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