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Let's Make Pay Talk Fun!
At CareSphere, we're all about transparency and ensuring our team gets the best when it comes to pay. Let's dive into the pay rates in a way that's as engaging as it is informative:

Base Pay: The Starting Lineup
Starting with the basics, everyone begins with a base pay – it's your starting point.🚀

  • DCW Base Rate: Direct Care Workers kick things off at $13 per hour.
  • HHA Base Rate: Home Health Aides start their journey at $17 per hour.
  • LPN Base Rate: Licensed Practical Nurses, especially those working with shiftcare clients, kick off at $28 per hour.

Now, here's the kicker!

Case-By-Case Pay Adventures
Pay rates aren't one-size-fits-all. We tailor them individually for each case assignment. So, if you get an assignment with a higher pay rate, that's fantastic! But remember, it's specific to that case.🌟
- If you move to another case, your trusty base rate springs back into action.

Overtime Excitement
Feeling the overtime hustle? If you work beyond 40 hours per week, you're in for some extra cash. It's like a bonus for your hard work!💰
- You'll receive one and a half times your regular hourly wage for every extra hour you put in (unless the law says otherwise).

Road Tripping and Getting Paid for It
Ever been paid for traveling? Well, you can here! If you work two shifts in a single day and hop straight from one patient to the next, we'll pay you for that travel time.🚗
- The pay rate for travel time is $7.25 per hour.

Inservice/Training Adventure
Learning is earning, quite literally! Hours spent completing mandatory inservice or training sessions for CareSphere will be paid at $7.25 per hour. Our trainings are flexible, with many available online.🎓
- Sometimes, you might have in-person trainings in our office for a hands-on experience.

Pay Raise Shenanigans
We'd love to hand out pay raises like candy, but it's not as easy as we'd like. Our pay rates are tied to insurance reimbursement rates, which means they don't usually allow us to increase pay.
Remember, it's all part of the CareSphere experience – a little bit of adventure, a whole lot of care!💙

Nov 19, 2023

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