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Work today, get paid today!

Note: this is a opt in program only. If you wish to use your funds earned daily, you must sign up for it on DailyPay.

  • Signing up: New hires which want to join DailyPay can sign up via the CareSphere Connect app
  • Sign up using the email you provided us at the start of employment or you employee ID
  • You can sign up for a daily pay account, after receiving your first paycheck.

Using DailyPay
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Employees that work a shift will have their funds available within 24 hours after the shift ends.

  • For shifts that ended before 1pm, the funds will be available by 3pm
  • For shifts that ended before 6pm, funds will be available by 8pm
  • Employees that finish a shift after 6pm will have the funds available the next day at 3pm.
  • Daily pay only gets the shifts which are ready for payroll. That means that shifts without a valid EVV (Clock in/out) will not roll over to Dailypay. Be careful with EVV!

Disclaimer: Dailypay is an independent provider. For any issues regarding available funds, you will need to contact daily pay directly.

Nov 19, 2023

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