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To ensure all employees are paid accurately and all taxes are properly submitted, CareSphere utilizes a payroll company called VIVENTIUM for payroll processing. Viventium specializes in the home care and skilled nursing industries, paying over 215,000 health service employees.

You can easily view your paystubs and year end forms via Viventium by using their Employee Self-Service (ESS) . On the ESS you can view your paystubs, pay information, direct deposit, and more!
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Upon receiving your first paycheck, you will receive a welcome email from Viventium to sign up for the ESS. If you do not received the email, please reach out to your HR Specialist for assistance.

At this time CareSphere does not mail out weekly paystubs. Employees are encourage to sign up for the Viventium access, upon receiving their first paycheck, to view their paystubs.


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