For any visit in which EVV is not received, you must submit a timesheet.

Note: you can never decide to do a timesheet instead of EVV. EVV is required. If a timesheet is received instead, it will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. You can read our discipline process here.

When you must submit a timesheet you can easily do so by clicking this link or by printing and filling out the Timesheet form attached to this article.

After submitting the timesheet, you should receive an email confirmation with a copy of the timesheet showing you that it was successfully submitted

Timesheet Rules:

  1. An incomplete timesheet will be rejected. Timesheets must include the following
    • An exact reason of why you didn't clock in/out. In addition you must include a statement of how you will avoid this issue in the future. timesheet
    • You must write a detailed story of what happened at the patients home during the visit. Including which tasks were done. timesheet
    • It must include your full signature. A scribble will not be accepted
    • It must include a signature of the patient or someone that was present in the patients home during your shift. signing for your patient, even if the patient told you that you can sign for them is illegal and will be bound for disciplinary action, up to and including termination. timessheet
  2. Being that employees cannot decide on their own to do a timesheet instead of clocking in/out, a timesheet will only be accepted if you have received authorization from the Client Service Coordinator or your HR Specialist to have the timesheet submitted. Therefore, if you failed to clock in/out call your HR Specialist immediately to receive authorization to submit a timesheet instead.

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